Jas Sohi

Data Scientist

R, Python, SQL, ETL, Git, Bash,  Big Data (BigQuery), Google Analytics, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, Datamarts, Dashboarding



  • Resume

    Make sure to do a thorough analysis of my Résumé! I look forward to hearing back from you soon!

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  • Next Text - Web App

    I created this web app for the Johns Hopkins Data Science capstone project using the R and Python programming languages. It is similar to a well known predictive keyboard which predicts the next word a user will type after entering the first three words. Try it out for yourself!

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  • D3 Visualization

    I created this d3.js visualization for the final project of Udacity's Data Analyst Nanodegree. I progressed through all the stages of the data science pipeline from data acquisition, to data munging, to data analysis, and finally telling a story through this interactive visualization. Have a look and see how your favourite sports league compares!

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